What We Do

We are an Angel firm and hacker lab focused on a handful of industries and geographies. Our investment thesis is simple -- compete on margin contraction by snatching selected use cases from Fortune 500 firms. We envision many small service providers serving customers rather than a handful of bureaucratic behemoths.

We use shared resources across portfolio companies to achieve economies of scale. We encounter many passionate founders who need the freedom to tinker -- so we created two in-house labs: the Data Lab and the Hacker Lab. Labs provide opportunities for founders to quickly iterate through ideas and escape concept stage.

Angel Fund

We focus on promising but underdeveloped ideas, Angel round only with simple SAFE deals. We only invest in what we know (FinTech, HealthTech, HRTech, AI, ML, Data) and geography-based (Brooklyn!)

Data Lab

We leverage economies of scale across companies for data contracts and pre-built infrastructure to accelerate fledgeling startups tackling the Capital Markets and modern Portfolio Management concepts. Managed via Maiden Voyage Capital

Hacker Lab

We've got the best toys: Depth Sensors, Edge Devices, Pseudo-LiDAR, AR, wireless health kits, the works! Intern dreamland.


We've got decades of collective experience in *live* production ML and top-notch academic credentials -- and networks from both worlds to help you. We invest in ML pick-axes and ML driven entertainment.

FinTech & Insure-Tech

Most of us worked on Wall Street. For the Capital Markets, we seek easy-button Portfolio Management and robo-advisor concepts. For Insure-Tech, we seek companies building ML-driven workflow acceleration.

Health 2.0

Our historical activity has been here. Investments managed via DocHuddle. Strong interest in ML-driven workflows, imaging, and ML-driven triage.


Madeeha's passion and focus. We want to invest in Modern Recruitment technology. We have multiple, very active venues for early adoption and product tuning.

One-to-n Fund

We seek US business models which can be exported to the GCC and other untapped, wealthy overseas markets.

Brooklyn Fund

We love Brooklyn and want to support promising businesses here, especially around the local innovation hubs (DUMBO, Gowanus, Park Slope.)

We welcome fledgling companies seeking a hands-on approach. We also welcome curious students and interns looking to tinker.

We have a strong desire to help those starting off in their career. We have conducted multiple internship, externsip and custom-crafted programs for students and recent graduates. We work primarily with Cornell University's Career Services but are open to motivated and enthusiastic students from any school. Excited yet? Contact us.

Contact Us

540 President St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215